Emergenetics Applications deliver a full solution to companies looking to apply Emergenetics insight to their day-to-day operations. Added available disciplines and tools include leadership training, teamwork and communication seminars, performance appraisal and development processes, strategic planning, sales, trust building exercises, feedback tools, employee orientation presentations, and even one-on-one coaching. And because no one knows a company’s needs like the company itself, all of these are completely customizable to meet each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities.

About WindRiver Strategies

You probably want to see it in action though…so take a look at the work we’ve done with Western Union to bring Emergenetics into the realm of personal business objectives and teambuilding:

We partnered with Western Union on a unique Emergenetics Application called Building Leaders. Shaping Results, a program customized from our Emergenetics coaching training to bring departmental managers from diverse backgrounds including sales, IT, and operations together to create a new level of Emergenetics Advisor at Western Union. With participants going through both a 2-day training class and a 6-month follow-on training schedule, Emergenetics was taught as a teambuilding resource and was used in conjunction with goal setting and business objectives.

It’s a new way of thinking about Emergenetics within organizations and a new dynamic for a company already focused on getting the most from their people.

Through our Business Applications, we also take a look at the most pertinent issues facing business today and uses our proprietary formula for understanding personal decision making, thinking and behavior to apply a solutions-oriented focus to these concepts. We have a full webinar series that can be customized for any organization, but focuses on things that all organizations strive to achieve—increased trust, new ways of engaging clients, leader onboarding, teambuilding—and that make real differences to the bottom line.

Going through organizational Change? Our unique Change Management Application starts with the individuals in your organization and uses their own perspective to more effectively generate organizational change. Need more effective time management skills? Emergenetics Time Management Module underscores how every person approaches their own time management differently, and how to capitalize on that for more efficiency.

Emergenetics Applications take the Emergenetics Profile to the next level, helping employees, teams, and ultimately whole companies dramatically increase efficiency — and improve communication.

WindRiver Strategies delivers coaching in three platforms which include Voice Based Coaching through the WindRiver Strategies Q7 Program , Emergenetics and “The Science of Happiness”.