Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) is an executive coaching firm delivering proven strategies and Emergenetics to inspire personal, professional and business growth.  WRS is led by Chief Strategist, Kevin McDaniel, who has been coaching for 28 years with a “steel and velvet” technique that is science based, fun, direct and compassionate.  Our intent is to create a partnership with our clients in a thought provoking and innovative process that creates sustainable business growth and inspires personal and professional development.  (Please check out the blog.)

Business Coaching
WRS delivers a full solution to companies looking to apply effective coaching strategies and Emergenetics insight to their day-to-day operations. Added available disciplines and tools include leadership training, teamwork and communication seminars, performance appraisal and development processes, strategic planning, sales, trust building exercises, feedback tools, employee orientation presentations, and one-on-one coaching. And because no one knows a company’s needs like the company itself, all of these are completely customizable to meet each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities.  Clients include:

Infirmary Healthcare                                Oschner Health System                       ERA Realty
Microsoft                                                  MillerCoors                                           United States Airforce
Accenture                                                Bank Of America                                  Ashley Furniture Industries
Blue Cross Blue Shield                            DePaul University                               Healthcare Financial Management Association
Hilton Hotels                                             IGT

Personal Coaching
Typically, we enter this partnership with our clients having identified a felt need in some specific area of life or business. (Click here for FREE Coaching articles)  Here’s what we do through our coaching:

  • Create a clear and tailored vision for what our client would like to accomplish
  • Provide empowering support and advocacy
  • Strategically intervene in thought patterns and habits that inhibit  high performing stress free living
  • Identify natural paths to achieving desired priorities
  • Ask thoughtful and penetrating questions enabling progressive self-discovery
  • Provide easy to use trans-formative tools that promote vibrant and sustainable well-being