Whether you need help with developing your career path, building your financial success or learning how to choose and navigate relationships wisely, Kevin can facilitate your triumph.

Life Stability & Progress
Financial Strength
Home Ownership
Career Development
Finding Mr. or Miss Right
Building a Low Stress, Happy Lifestyle

Have More Fun.

“I think back to my life prior to coaching with you and I remember a lot of anger, self-hate and complete frustration with my inability to EVER have a satisfying day… without creating so much unnecessary emotional turmoil and internal drama for myself… the tools you gave me were easy to implement and made a tremendous difference in my life….I will always be grateful to you and you will always hold a special place in my heart for saving me from myself.” Maria

“My income has almost tripled in two and a half years of coaching with Kevin”. Ben

“Meaningful increase in income.” Misty

Expect To Love Our Approach


Life Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all machinelike, robotic program with Kevin. You will know that you are respected, loved and valued because…you will be.

Kevin’s approach to coaching is focused on what’s needed to make clients and friends truly happy and successful by putting personal and professional dreams in alignment with committed action. The end results are outcomes enveloped in a more natural ability to maintain progress. Kevin uses a unique approach that blends proven thinking and behavioral science, strategic life by design planning, humor and good ole’ Texas common sense to guide you towards sustainable success.

Oh, and fun…“If we’re not going to have fun on the journey, then let’s not do it.”


Kevin’s unique approach to business and life coaching empowers his clients’ Leaders to align their personal and professional performance with inspiring purpose, roles & goals. VOICE-Based Coaching enables individuals, organizations and their valued people to make the choice that accomplishes the extraordinary.

Value + Choice = VOICE


When you want change in a specific area of life or business, here’s what we focus on:

  • Creating a clear, tailored vision for your goal(s)

  • Empowered support and advocacy

  • Focused effort on changing thought patterns and habits

  • Identification of paths leading to desired priorities

  • Strategic support that enables progressive self-discovery

  • Easy-to-use, transformative coaching tools

  • Vibrant, sustainable well-being


These services are completely customizable to meet each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities:

  • Leadership Training

  • Teamwork and Communication Seminars

  • Performance Appraisal and Process Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Sales Coaching

  • Trust-Building Exercises

  • Feedback Tools

  • Employee Orientation Presentations

  • One-On-One Coaching


Kevin’s coaching clients include C Suite executives, surgeons, and senior management from companies like: Peachtree Orthopedics, Georgia Ophthalmologists, Infirmary Healthcare, Ochsner Health, Ashley Furniture Industries, Cardinal Health, Duke University, Integrated Financial Group, ERA Sunrise Realty, Garcia & Associates, HJB Benefits…
and many normal people just like you.