"Immediately lit up the room with laughter!"

"Excellent! Having him back for the fourth time."

"If you want to laugh, howl, and learn relevant tools in an engaging and interactive session, Kevin is your man."

Don Patrick, President & Co-CEO, Integrated Financial Group

"Kevin is a dynamic, brilliant, humorous, thought-provoking speaker...and will have everyone on the edge of their seat wanting more!"

Don Patrick, President & Co-CEO, Integrated Financial Group


Never let it be said that Kevin is boring.

Au contraire (said in a terrible French accent), Kevin’s public speaking engagements are lively, original and emotionally charged. He delivers solid academic content with hilarious good fun. Whether it’s a healthcare industry conference, a corporate retreat for financial planners, Kevin pulls his audience in, creates instant friendships, and leaves participants with practical takeaways for the workplace that work. Kevin has spoken to and trained over 400,000 people worldwide with audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000. Whether it is a intimate retreat or a conference keynote, Kevin can deliver.

“Kevin’s keynote was fantastic!” “I needed to hear this.” “He can even sing.” (Alright…I think they went too far with the singing comment…Kevin) “Getting to hang out with him afterwards was amazing! He genuinely practices what he teaches.” Georgia Association of Orthopaedic Executives, November 2019

​”A rare combination of insightfulness and humor.” “Loved it!” Florida Bones Society, October 2019

​”This was great information presented with so much fun and energy.” “We’ll have him back next year to speak but to also provide coaching for our leaders.” Midwest American Association of Orthopaedic Executives, September 2019

“If you would like to take your next step towards a happy, highly productive, low stress professional life…this is it. Every leader should hear this message. If meaningful information, hilariously delivered, perfect for healthcare sounds intriguing, then have Kevin come speak to your group soon.” HFMA South Texas

“I heard you were funny and…you are! But I was not expecting the deeply moving content.” San Antonio MGMA

“I have 25+ years of healthcare experience, but in all my years, I have never seen a presenter/speaker like Kevin McDaniel. Kevin is a dynamic, brilliant, humorous, thought provoking speaker who brings a lot of excitement and positive energy to any conference…” HFMA Oklahoma

What Do Conference Organizers Say About Kevin?

• “On behalf of the HFMA Lone Star Winter Institute we want to say thank you! Your thoughts and insights were very inspirational and provide a practical, sound path to happiness and a less stressful life. The audience’s feedback echo’s our thoughts; 4.8 (5.0 scale) for Speaker Expertise/Effectiveness.”
• Voted “Best Overall Experience”
• “Really Funny…Made the Whole Conference Fun!”
• “Participants Rated Kevin 4.95 out of 5”
• “The best we have ever had”
• “The best I have ever heard”
• “The highest rated speaker at our entire conference”
• “One of the best keynotes ever”
• “I didn’t want him to stop talking.”
• “An Absolute Superstar!”
• “If you want to laugh, howl, learn relevant tools in an engaging and interactive session, Kevin IS your man.”
• “95% of Our Attendees Gave Kevin a Perfect Score”


Join the ranks of smart folks like Ashley Furniture, Cardinal Health, AAHAM, HFMA, MGMA, ERA Realty, and Peachtree Orthopedics who have hired Kevin to speak.


“Immediately lit up the room with laughter!”

Jeff Mincher, President of HFMA Oklahoma

“Kevin is the man!”

Heather Hawthorne, Director of Marketing with Integrated Financial Group