The Team PerformanceWE Series is a revolutionary new team development platform from Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) and Emergenetics International that links executive life and business coaching strategies with established methods for building team skills and competencies with proven ways of understanding people.

The results are teams that understand each other better, work together more cohesively and produce at higher levels.

The Team PerformanceWE Series expands on knowledge about the way people think, behave and communicate—via the revolutionary Emergenetics assessment and model—and creates new and better ways to work.

Comprised of 13 modules (described below) that take teams from fundamental skills through high-level competencies, the series builds on core quantum coaching strategies and Emergenetics learning & principles fully integrating both the Emergenetics Profile and the Emergenetics thinking and behavioral model.

The Building Team Performance program is designed to help groups understand the basic needs of a team and evaluate what they are doing well and what is missing in terms of group effectiveness and performance. Using Emergenetics technology and theory, Team DynamicsWE provides tips and rules on relational dynamics that unlock the team’s ability to perform intense teamwork.

Building Team Performance also introduces the three team performance levels that each of the remaining courses falls within: Engaging Fundamentals, Enhancing Effectiveness and Elevating Performance.

Team Mission Workshop – A Module in the Engaging Fundamentals Series:

This workshop builds skills for teams to understand mission and its role in team performance. Teams learn the differences between effective and ineffective team missions and receive a guide for crafting an effective team mission. Teams also put learning into action by exploring ways of applying the team’s mission.

Team Norms Workshop – A Module in the Engaging Fundamentals Series:

Team Norms are the powerful models and standards that guide the way a team looks at itself—the shared values and behaviors that jumpstart performance—and how
it creates an atmosphere that drives action. Norms are the expectationsthat shape interaction and communication.

This course provides a forum for teams to understand themselves, dive into their own preference and create Norms that accentuate diverse
thinking styles and develop behavioral tendencies that move teams forward.

Goal Setting Workshop – A Module in the Engaging Fundamentals Series:

Goals help individuals, teams and organizations focus on what needs to be accomplished and set priorities: the right work in the right order. This module provides a plan for teams to converge on their goals, they can focus all of their talent and resources to achieve the desired results.

The Goal Setting workshop helps teams to actually learn how to craft effective and aligned goals that meet the needs of the organization and all the Emergenetics attributes

Meeting Effectiveness Workshop – A Module in the Engaging Fundamentals Series:

Ineffective and useless meetings are amongst the biggest productivity-sapping activities that organizations engage in. This course uses Emergenetics to help teams in this area by empowering and teaching teams how to move from “staff meetings” to“team work sessions” This module includes tools and techniques for the team to run effective team work sessions.

Collaborative Problem Solving Workshop – A Module in the Enhancing Effectiveness Series:

Problem solving is a normal part of organizational life; yet not everyone approaches problem solving in the same manner. This workshop provides a cohesive, Emergenetics-based methodology for effective problem solving. Specifically, the course explores:

  • The role of problem solving in team performance.
  • The power resulting from combining problem solving and collaboration.
  • The requirements for collaboratively solving problems.
  • Barriers to effective collaborative problem solving.

Resolving Disagreements Workshop – A Module in the Enhancing Effectiveness Series

When utilized properly, healthy team conflict can enable teams to evolve into higher levels of collaboration. In many cases, disagreement and conflict can stem from the very aspects of team dynamics, including cognitive diversity, which can elevate performance. This module focuses on resolving conflict rather than just managing it and it is
deliberately connected with the team’s norms, values and purpose.

Cooperative Learning Workshop – A Module in the Enhancing Effectiveness Series:

To perform at consistently high levels and reach team objectives, it is imperative for team members to learn from each other. This workshop provides methods for codifying, transferring and applying insights to work via action-learning and real-world application.

The workshop includes cross-generational learning to improve individual and team performance and views cognitive diversity via the lens of Emergenetics to speed learning across brain-based work and communication styles.

Directing Change Workshop – A Module in the Enhancing Effectiveness Series:  

Based on proven principles on change management, this workshop provides a framework through which employees can navigate change in their work and personal lives. This program helps both management and employees achieve sustainable, superior results by linking each individual’s change management strategy to their own unique Emergenetics learning and communication styles.

This course helps teams to be able to effectively direct change in order to reduce its eroding effect and sustain their performance.

Developing Influence Workshop – A Module in the Elevating Performance Series:

Influence is all about interpersonal relationships and facilitating the dynamics that propel amplified performance gains that happen when diverse team members can seamlessly work together. Developing Influence is a higher level team skill and this workshop builds on many of the previous modules while introducing new concepts around generating leadership and buy-in for ideas, interaction and communication.  Ultimately, this workshop focuses on developing a foundation for a successful and sustainable environment.

Building Trust Workshop – A Module in the Elevating Performance Series:

This workshop looks at the role of trust in team development and how trust is built and deepened during each level of team performance.  Building Trust with
Emergenetics provides teams a distinct way to:

  • Explore and define trust in the business context
  • Discuss Emergenetics Implications relating to trust
  • Identify processes for rebuilding trust

Via this workshop, trust becomes an outcome of facing difficult challenges together successfully.

Leveraging Diversity Workshop – A Module in the Elevating Performance Series:

This workshop creates an understandable and action-oriented programmatic approach to harnessing the diversity found in many teams and organizations. It provides a deeper appreciation and value of individual uniqueness, using a complex viewpoint on the Emergenetics model and Profile insights.

This workshop includes a multifaceted approach exploring Emergenetics and various forms of diversity, including generational diversity and cognitive diversity.

Advancing Innovation Workshop – A Module in the Elevating Performance Series

This workshop provides a way for teams to understand how to think differently than the status quo and their own biases to collaboratively develop creative and innovative solutions to take their work and performance to higher levels.

  • The history and process of innovation
  • How to identify opportunities for innovation in the team’s work
  • How to apply the skills learned to create a unique view of product, services, and team work