“Kevin delivers a message so POWERFUL, yet so simple to follow that it helps people transform their lives! I have attended many educational, motivation and sales seminars – all useful to an extent. Unfortunately, they all FAIL to deliver on one fundamental and very important issue – Living Stress Free! I have had the privilege to attend Kevin’s seminars twice thus far. Living stress free is the foundation to a healthy life. One session with Kevin will make you understand how easy this can be accomplished. Kevin is a genuine individual that will make you laugh, motivate you and pump you up to accomplish the Message he Delivers – Living a stress free life!”

Peter Panagakis,  ACA of Boston, Director of Business Development
May 2017

“…Highest Marks on the Speaker Evaluation Forms.”

National President, AAHAM

We recently had the privilege of having Kevin as our keynote speaker at our AAHAM spring meeting.  What a great speaker!  He held the audience’s attention the entire presentation, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session.  He got the highest marks on the speaker evaluation forms. Vicki Di Tomaso, CRCE-ISystem Director, CBOLee Memorial Health System

Kevin McDaniel’s Enthusiasm as a Presenter and Mentality towards Life is Infectious.” “Captures Crowd with Every Point”

AAHAM Georgia

Kevin McDaniel’s enthusiasm as a presenter and mentality towards life is infectious. It is very evident that he loves what he does and captures the crowd with every point. You leave his presentation with a different perspective on how the art of choice drives your happiness in both your professional and personal lives. I’ve been upgraded!”

Taylor Williams, Director of Patient Financial Services

“…One of Our Best Keynote Speakers Ever.”

AAHAM Florida

“Kevin was one of our best keynote speakers ever. He is inspiring, funny, and a genuinely nice guy. That is why I am now on his web site on a regular basis. Thanks, Kevin.”
Carol Plato, AVP Martin Health System

“…An Energizing Sense of Humor”    ” Intelligent and Valuable Information”    “Inspiring and Entertaining”    “Ranks Among the Best”

I had the pleasure of experiencing Kevin McDaniel as a keynote speaker, not once, but twice!  In my experience of attending several conferences per month, I have had the opportunity to listen many keynote addresses and Kevin ranks among the best.  Kevin’s passion captivates his audience with enlightening anecdotes and relevant strategies everyone can apply to their personal and professional life, all with an energizing sense of humor.  I am delighted to recommend Kevin McDaniel as a keynote speaker.  He will deliver intelligent and valuable information in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

Heather Ramsey
Regional Sales Manager

“Dynamic and Interactive…Left Me Wanting to Hear More.”

“Mr. McDaniel delivers a powerful, effective, and ‘feel good’ message.  He captured my attention with his dynamic and interactive teaching style, and left me wanting to hear more.  He will be at the top of my list to book for a Board retreat or staff workshop!”
South Texas Chapter
Kimberly Anderson, CPA
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Valley Baptist Service Corporation and Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation
“We laughed, we cried. We walked away with ideas to make our lives better.” H. Cobbs, IFG  
We gave Kevin McDaniel the toughest slot, the last session of our intense two day annual retreat in which fifty financial advisors convene in Atlanta to learn and share. Kevin “knocked it out of the park.”
Kevin is such an excellent and engaging speaker, that you did not want him to quit. Further, he customized his talk, “You’ve been Upgraded” to tie-in perfectly with our theme, “Share Your Story.” He modified his title to “Change Your Story, Change Your Life.”
It is rare that audience members take the tools and techniques presented and actually apply them to their life. I know for a fact that over fifty percent of our advisors have done so.
 We will invite Kevin again. If you want to laugh, howl, learn relevant tools in an engaging and interactive session, Kevin IS your man.
Donald W. Patrick, MBA, CFP®
Managing Director, Integrated Financial Group
You are important to me. As I think back to my life prior to coaching with you, I remember a lot of anger, self-hate and complete frustration
with my inability to EVER have a satisfying day, especially at work. Now I can say that most of my days are the exact opposite as I am able to cruise through the day without creating so much unnecessary emotional turmoil and internal drama for myself.  I make fewer assumptions about people and situations and have the ability to not take everything so personally, all of which were creating negative judgments about me and about my situation.
The tools you gave me were easy to implement and made a tremendous difference in my life. In addition, your ability to talk me through and finally out of my internal turmoil was amazing. I had so many “aha” moments during our sessions that I always looked forward to what you would reveal to me each time. You are amazing and I will always be grateful to you and you will always hold a special place in my heart for saving me from myself, my own worst enemy.
Now, I know that I can create whatever life I choose and that the story of my life is solely up to me and not in the control of others, like I had once assumed. I am not a victim. What a difference that has made. So thank you, thank you, thank you for working with me and giving me my life back.
With Much Appreciation and Love,

Maria Sanders
CFO, Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic

Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic (POC) Recommends Kevin McDaniel & WindRiver Strategies

Kevin McDaniel with WindRiver Strategies delivered a self-development program for Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic (POC) in Buckhead in February 2013.  Maria Sanders, CFO described Mr. McDaniel after an internal POC assessment of the day as “the superstar of Buckhead.”

Participants in the Staff Retreat described it using these words: 

“Awesome fun, encouragement and laughs”   “Very engaging”  “Loved it; it was fun”   “Very positive thinking” “Very insightful; very high spirited”   “Great job, loved it”   “Way to get us involved”      “Awesome breath of fresh air”   “Motivated the group to look outside the box”  “100%”   “Very funny as stress relief”   “Interesting methods of delivery, enjoyable”   “Great energy”

“Extraordinary, Great Speaker”
“Love Him, Need Him At Every Meeting At POC”
Very Dynamic, Will Help At Home And At Work. 

Let’s Do A Weekend Course.”

HFMA Content Chair Recommends WindRiver Strategies & Kevin McDaniel

At Georgia HFMA, we pride ourselves on being the resource of choice for the healthcare financial industry in Georgia.
As Education Content co-chair, it was an easy decision to partner with Kevin McDaniel. Kevin’s coaching strategies are educational, insightful and entertaining.  Kevin has been a big part of our success as a chapter this year!

James Barwick
HFMA Education Content Co-Chair
Preauthorization Manager
Gwinnett Health System Resource Center

HFMA Georgia

I have had the pleasure of attending five of Kevin McDaniel’s, Chief Strategist of WindRiver Strategies (www.kevintalks.net) seminars at multiple HFMA Institutes. I’ve taken away new ways of thinking about goal setting, communication with others, team building, and attitude. I’ve learned to set my goals in respect to their desired outcomes instead of viewing them as single destinations. I’ve learned the importance aligning those outcomes with my personal values so I’m never conflicted emotionally with where I’m headed at home or in the workplace.

I’ve also been able to rethink the way I communicate with others and the way they communicate with me based on our different personality types. Learning to value and understand where another person is “coming from” can help you to translate incompatible communication styles and adapt accordingly. It can also be valuable when building teams. Including an analytical, structural, conceptual and social personality type on a team and tapping into each of their strengths can yield surprising, positive results.

My favorite take away is the idea that I tell my own story to myself every day so why not make it one that I (and others) want to hear? When I’m faced with a task that I’m not fond of at work or home do I whine and stamp my foot and say to myself “I hate doing this, this is hard?” Those thoughts are the story I tell myself about that task. Is there another story I can tell about it that has a happy ending? I guess it all boils down to attitude and Kevin has helped me hit the re-set button on mine more than once.

Travis Mendenhall FHFMA
Manager, Patient Accounts
Gwinnett Medical Center
December 2012

Career Assessment

“Kevin McDaniel’s mentorship and coaching has been of immense impact in my career and personal life. He is a perfect combination of a teacher and a
cheerleader. I can always count on him to tell me exactly what I need to hear while inspiring me to rise up to the next level. His career assessment, direction and feedback resulted in immediate success in my career choices this year. I would highly recommend Kevin for any business or personal coaching.”

Behzad Fathi, Executive Director at Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity
September 2012

Garcia Tax Law (Athens, GA) “Highly Recommend for Everyone in Business For Themselves”

“Kevin is very easy, reassuring and provided great tools for relieving my stress.  It helped me accomplish the goals I told him I wanted to accomplish when we started our engagement.  It was a real pleasure to work with  him.  I would highly recommend Kevin and WindRiver Strategies to anyone and everyone in business for themselves who have stressors in their life.”
Greg Garcia, Owner of Garcia Tax Law

Infirmary Health System

EMERGENETICS IN HEALTHCARE “Recent acquisitions in our market brought new faces to our health system, so we needed a way to appreciate all these differences while moving us forward as a leadership team. As we settled on Emergenetics as the centerpiece to our Leadership Program, we hoped that the tool would provide a focal point for communication and a catalyst for a cultural shift.  It has done that and more.

After a recent seminar with our Directors, one of them sat by me in a meeting this week.  His Emergenetics experience was truly eye-opening and profoundly impacted his outlook on those around him – including his peers and his staff.   We feel very confident that Emergenetics will move our leaders to more creative, more productive, and more diverse teams – all in a positive format.”

Kerry Flowers, VP, Organizational Development, Infirmary Health System (Mobile, AL)

HJB Benefits (Mission Viejo, CA)

“Kevin has radically changed my life by changing the way I think. I have been “upgraded” due to our continued friendship and communication. My business better than doubled last year in 2011, much due to his coaching and encouragement. He is direct, confrontational, gentle, funny and real. I appreciate his integrity and straight forward approach, he has had a profound impact on me, my business and family. I would highly recommend Kevin McDaniel
for coaching your life, family or business.”

Hugh Borthwick, President & Owner, HJB Benefits (Mission Viejo, CA)
June 2012

Studio “Z” Wadena (Wadena, MN) Recommends WindRiver Strategies

“A quote from my friend, Kevin McDaniel‘s website: Nelson Mandela once used these words in addressing his country: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous—Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us. It is not just in some of us: it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” LOVE KEVIN! He’s a kind, helpful, intelligent, amazing man and life coach! If you have goals that you would like help reaching, he’s the man to talk to, to help get you and keep you on track! Be sure to check out his website: http://www.windriverstrategies.net/

Trista Barstow, Owner of Studio “Z” Wadena
Wadena, MN
June 2012

AJC Construction

“Kevin is the kind of life coach you dream of.  A Dr. Phil down home good ‘ol boy southern style with cutting edge state of the art interpersonal technique and coaching technology that transforms, elevates, and enriches every aspect of life…and that is not all.  Kevin truly cares about his clients and is focused on achieving what you want to create.  I’m am so grateful to have the opportunity to be coached by one of the very best!”

Adam Curtin PMP, President & Owner of AJC Construction Services (Los Angeles, CA)
June 2012

Kevin has a warm, intuitive and direct style of coaching. He is very present and responsive in the moment.  This means Kevin is able to listen deeply and hear
what lies under the surface, what is most important and who the client is as a person.   I also benefited from Kevin’s willingness to share his
insights and observations   Kevin is especially good at cultivating a great coach – client relationship, whilst also maintaining a strong professional focus
and getting the work done… I got real clarity on what I bring as a [professinal], who my ideal clients are and created a strategy for effective networking.  We also spent some time coaching about how I can most effectively upgrade my website.  I gained a lot of clarity, insights and identified clear action steps from my coaching sessions with Kevin.

Sheena King (UK)
April 2012

“When I first thought about being coached using the 5 Friends tool, I was very excited.  As a married mother of four growing children, 5 Friends has been invaluable. This is an important instrument to have in everyday life and I will teach it to my children.

I have always wanted to get rid of “I cannot be financially successful.” I wondered how such a strong Self-Limiting Belief could be eradicated. At the beginning, the definitions of belief versus knowledge were very helpful. As we went along, I was happy and relieved to speak about events in my life that had caused me so much emotional trauma. Being “a man” in my family was the only opportunity for success as I had perceived it.  I was surprised to see how some of my life experiences had given me such a deep rooted sense of myself and at the same time were not so hard to let go of.  I know longer feel bogged down by the self-limiting baggage of the past.

It was great to deal with my perceptions in an objective way. I was especially surprised with Kevin as a coach, to see how kind and gentle he was. At the end, without giving it away, there is a moment of great compassion and forgiveness that I will hold onto forever. Kevin was that messenger for me. I have now moved on to being successful every day.”
Debbie Babbitt  (Springfield, MA)
September 2011

“Kevin is a great coach!  He is patient and kind and asks just the right questions to get your brain turning. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a coach.  Whether it be personal or professional! Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”
Andrea Yliniemi, Sales Executive (MN)
May 2011

“Kevin– Adam has become a new man.  Thank you for all the ways you’ve inspired him to be his best.”
Laura Curtin, “Adam’s Better Half” (see below)
May 2011

“Kevin is a phenomenal coach.”
Adam Curtin, President, AJC Construction Services

“I have known and been coached by Kevin for over 20 years.  He is honorable, challenging and has a unique way of engaging me that just helps me drop my defenses and see the world…my world.  On top of that, he is just “fun to be with”.  In fact, he’s just funny…has a great sense of humor.  He has inspired me to be joyful, assisted me in growing my business in 2010 (near 200%) and helped me develop a true vision.  Wow!  The vision statement just blew me away!  Even my wife said, “I am so thankful WE have Kevin in your life!”
Hugh Borthwick, President HJB Benefits, California

“I am one of those people you would likely call a “hoarder”.  I was very lonely because I would turn down an invitation to be with a friend because I would feel obligated to invite them over to my house to reciprocate.  I was too ashamed for anyone to see how I live.  My house has not been clean for many years.  In 6 weeks, my kitchen was completely clean.  In fact, in 6 weeks my kitchen had been clean for 2 weeks.  We “chunked it down” and did a little bit at a time.  Every counter was spotless.  My den, too, was clean.  I packed or threw away all of my many magazines.  And, I have had one of my friends over.  This makes me happy.”
Physician, Kansas

“What can I say…I was stuck in my career, miserable, could not sleep, anxious and without a clear vision for where I was headed.  Have you ever been hopeless and then found hope?  I cried when I heard my Vision statement.  I read it every day.  It’s not that I have arrived.  It’s that I am making progress and have great hope.  I am really thankful to Kevin.”
Sales Executive, Georgia