There are a million personality profiles on the market…so why Emergenetics? What makes us stand out from Myers-Briggs, DISC, Insights, and others?

On a foundational level it comes down to science—we have reliability, validity and normative data that puts us in an industry-leading position. Check out our validity and reliability for the science behind Emergenetics … or if you don’t have a degree in industrial psychology or statistics, just know this—when you take an Emergenetics Profile, you can be supremely confident knowing three things:

1. Your answers will measure exactly what they’re supposed to—it’s that kind of accuracy that gives people that A-Ha! moment when they see their Profile and its dead-on.

2. Your Profile isn’t going to change over time—When you take an Emergenetics Profile, you’ll see the same preferences time and time again. It’s called test/re-test reliability and its why Emergenetics stands out from the competition. If you’re hoping to change your preferences though…good luck…as we say in our seminars, you are who you are!

3. Your Profile is accurate no matter where you are in the world, male or female—We norm our data every two years to ensure that we’re taking into account any changes in our population. Every Profile taken goes into our database and is scored instantaneously and accurately. With over 500,000  Profiles and counting, you can be confident knowing your answers are measured accurately and your results are an effective comparison to anyone else you meet or work with.

That’s the science…but where Emergenetics really stands out is in the application. Because, after all, if you can’t use information, what good is it?

Every Emergenetics Profile is distinct and unique and there are no boxes. We don’t think any person should be generalized into a group or told that they’re a certain kind of person. Here’s how we do it and why it works:

  • Because Emergenetics is built on four thinking and three behavioral attributes that every person has, we provide you a picture that showcases exactly where you fall on the spectrum for each one. There is no such thing as a Red, Blue or Green Person…because while you may have a preference in a particular style of thinking, you also have a part of your brain that likes other ways of thinking.
  • Emergenetics has separate measures for behaviors and thinking—and that distinction makes all the difference. Where Myers-Briggs and DISC combine behavioral and thinking elements into a “personality” profile, Emergenetics provides a distinct measure of all seven of our attributes. It’s the reason whynot every person who loves teamwork and collaboration (measured by Social “Red”thinking in Emergenetics) is the life of the party (measured by Expressiveness in Emergenetics). By taking the behaviors out of thinking preferences, we provide a nuanced view that more accurately reflects who you truly are.
  • Emergenetics fits into the way you work and how you interact. When you understand your preferences, you get a better sense of how they impact what you
    do and how you do it. With Emergenetics, we don’t say every person with an Analytical (Blue) preference should be an accountant…because we’ve profiled
    plenty of accountants and their thinking and behavioral preferences run the gamut. It’s empowering when you can realize that your skills come from your own unique way of approaching, work, learning and life.