The happiest people in the world have their fair share of stressors, stress triggers and tragedies.  They do, however, have a secret weapon which is found in their anchoring poise, strength and connection to optimism, hope and gratitude.  Happiness is not a search for the combination to a safe where all the tumblers have to fall into place precisely in order to open the door to it’s treasures.  Happiness can be built with the simplest of steps.  WindRiver Strategies has long discussed it’s deliverables as contained in two platforms:

1) Self-Discovery which helps individuals become self aware, present and intentional about connecting the value they bring to the world to their professional and personal life.  Often we will speak about an ontological approach to coaching.  Everything has an ontology.  That is, everything exist because it brings value and worth.  It would not exist if it brought no value.  A coffee cup at Starbucks exist because it  holds our dark roast java and enables us to drink it without our hand getting burned.  Sometimes we add a sleeve over the cup for that same reason.  People have an ontology.   We are here to bring our unique dynamic value to our world only as we can bring it.  If you are here, you are priceless!  At WindRiver Strategies, we help our clients connect “who they are” to “how they show up”.  This connection is energizing and inspiring.

2) We use Emergenetics as our psychometric assessment tool.  Emergenetics allows us to profile “how the brain prefers to think” and “how the person prefers to behave”.  Imagine, as an example, learning to engage work in a way that is productive but uniquely designed in ways that increase your energy and effectiveness.

Now we are adding the “Science of Happiness” as our third platform.  These are simple steps customized for each of our clients to help them build “happiness” in such a way that it lasts and shows up for them even “for no good reason.”  Like much of what we do at WindRiver Strategies, this platform is engaged largely “as you go” through your day with no huge time commitment.  It’s a great fit for busy people.

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