With over 50 years of innovation and experience in the furniture industry, The Ashley Companies has become an industry leader as a manufacturer of quality furniture products.  Their “commitment to being the best furniture company in the industry continues to  drive improvements in all phases of the operation, with the customer’s complete  satisfaction in mind.”

Scott Tomlin, Senior Marketing Specialist with Ashley CaseGoods Division selected Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) to work with his staff regarding Team Performance and Outcomes.  He explained, “Ashley has very high aspirations.  They set high goals and expect us to hit them.  If we are to hit the goals, our whole team needs to own the goals…we will be the ones whom determine the outcome.”

Mr. Tomlin in his “desire to support everyone in their progress” secured coaching services with Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies)  to help his team engage their professional life with more of a sense of fun and meaning while simultaneously enhancing their ability to be effective.

Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) delivers a coaching program that enables professionals to be motivated, productive, highly accountable wihout the typical stress and anxiety.   This is accomplished in part through “The Meeting of the Minds” Seminar which is an interactive workshop that meshes WindRiver’s coaching strategies, Emergenetics’ insights with clear business needs. It’s a multifaceted approach focused on building knowledge, fostering understanding and bolstering organizational capacity.

This program focuses on facilitating accomplishment through increased understanding of how thinking and behavior affect the work environment—including productivity, team effectiveness and creativity.

Individuals within the session experience:
• Insight into how they think and behave
• Understanding and knowledge of their colleagues
• Hands-on team-building exercises on communication, motivation, efficiency and more.
• Innovative and effective approaches to achievment without anxiety