Top performers in almost any field have coaches.  PGA professionals have coaches.  NBA players have coaches.  CEO’s have coaches. People at the top of their game have learned the value of working with coach. Would they take this step if it was not effective in improving motivation and performance? Nowadays, performance coaching is more and more accepted as an essential life and leadership necessity.

Senior executives, C-suite leadership and business owners may be effective entrepreneurs and managers, but frequently lack the appropriate skills needed to inspire their people to sustainable and simultaneously enjoyable performance. Managers are frequently promoted because of a proven track record as producers (sales managers are a great example), but may have acquired few leadership skills other than “cracking the whip”, “pushing harder” or “control psychology . If you’re tired of being worn out, of under-motivated people and of mediocre results, consider how to make coaching an meaningful part of your leadership style. You might start by finding yourself a coach. Then, teach your people how to use the cutting edge coaching skills that may give you the competitive edge.

WindRiver Strategies’ is offering coaching certification on June 22-23 in Athens, Georgia…just a short drive from Atlanta. Follow this link to find out more.