Getting out of the comfort zone, build your career.

Are you satisfied in your current position, but wondering if you will be satisfied several years from now?  Are you dissatisfied at work and trying to find a career “good fit”?  Plenty of people feel stuck or stagnate in their professional track and don’t know what to do about it.  Others are so invested in their current company or industry that they do not want to make a change but would sure like to find more enjoyment “on the job”.  Believe it or not, some business owners who had control over constructing their professional surroundings have occasionally built their business in ways they find distasteful.  Yes, some have left corporate America and recreated the work environment they do not like in their “own” business.
Re-Invigorate Your Career (2): Practical Steps
Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) offers practical solutions to assist people just like you in reinvigorating their careers whether you are an employee, partner, C-level executive or business owner. Simply put, engaging “work-life” out of your unique and preferred thinking and behavioral attributes empowers anyone to re-invent themselves…anywhere, anytime.  If you get to do and act professionally out of “who you are” personally then you may never have to experience the “grind of day to day operations” again. Boomer Wry , a veteran track announcer, handicapper, columnist and author in the field of horse racing confirms this.  If you have met Boomer then you know he loves what he does. It’s incredibly obvious.  In fact, it just booms out.  “I have a career doing what I love to do.  I’ve never worked a day in my life.”
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, both in business and in life, can have a major impact on whether or not you are successful in attaining your goals or better yet, living your dream.
Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies)  employs a scientific and data-driven process to take the complex workings of your brain and put them into a framework of self-awareness and understanding so that you clearly see where your natural tendencies and preferences lie (and to see what may not come as naturally to you, as well).
For any individual, it comes down to maximizing impact and enjoyment and to do this successfully requires maximizing the full spectrum of one’s journey of self-discovery.  This hits at key performance drivers, all of which are related to self-understanding:
1.Understanding personal strengths and challenges.
2.Capitalizing on unique, inherent strengths.
3.Minimizing challenge areas and looking for solutions to overcome them.
4.Getting out of the comfort zone of strengths and into a change-ready atmosphere dominated by understanding and action.
The really good news is…this journey is easy not hard, fulfilling not exhausting, creative not the grind.  Register with us to Re-Invigorate Your Career.