See how Emergenetics helped MillerCoors align learning with business strategy, ensuring that its workforce is growing from the inside and prepared to tackle business challenges.

Via the framework of the Emergenetics Model, the company is creating a strong atmosphere of appreciation and enhancing team communications—all which points toward its commitment to engendering a vibrant organizational culture of employee learning and engagement.

Emergenetics is also used within MillerCoors University, which offers development opportunities and learning solutions geared to ensuring employees are prepared to meet the evolving needs of the business.

In leadership development in the context of MillerCoors University, Emergenetics has helped bring a clear understanding of individual strengths and the translation of those strengths into new ideas and improved performance.

“Emergenetics helps us recognize and appreciate individual thinking strengths; we are learning the power of focusing those strengths against problems and projects to produce innovative, high-quality results.”

Tom Reed,
Director, MillerCoors University

Emergenetics is rapidly becoming an integral part of developing emerging leaders—using Emergenetics as a foundation for understanding themselves better, and providing the future leaders with the tools necessary to effectively communicate with others, to clearly convey their ideas and perspectives, and to appreciate how individuals bring ideas to fruition in unique and different

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