The WindRiver Strategies’ Coaching Approach
For many years traditional psychology has focused on how to make ill people well by finding clinically validated methods to help “fix us”.  I have immense respect for this field and those who have dedicated their lives to helping others in this way.  I am continually in their debt.  That being said, the WindRiver Strategies’ life, executive and business coaching approach is built around theories of
optimal functioning to improve the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people.  As a coach, I do not
diagnose “what is wrong” with someone and, in fact, have no need to do so.

If someone is dissatisfied with some aspect of their life be it personal or professional (most frequently both), then I resist inclinations to immediately center on client skill deficits or search for the historical basis for depression, anger or anxiety.   Instead, I engage in a collaborative process that enables my clients to use their existing strengths to understand who they are, to identify a clear and meaningful vision and to create a “I’m a work in progress” plan to turn a dream into reality. In short,  we work together to shift from a trail of tears and fears caused by some level of pain to a trail of dreams cleared by what energizes and pulls us forward.

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“Kevin is very easy, reassuring and provided great tools for relieving my stress.  It helped me accomplish the goals I told him I wanted to accomplish when we started our engagement.  It was a real pleasure to work with  him.  I would highly recommend Kevin and WindRiver Strategies to anyone and everyone in business for themselves who have stressors in their life.”  Greg Garcia, Owner of Garcia Tax Law