What is a “natural path”?

I speak frequently about creating natural paths to success and wanted to put a little more definition around that today.  I talk to people daily who say something like “it’s so hard” as a description around something they want or don’t want regarding their life situation.  In actuality, it appears hard to them at the moment.  Why does it appear difficult?  Simply, past life events, current internal dialogue and worry about the future have all contributed to building a thought or belief pattern cluttered with roadblocks to the desired goal.

Creating a natural path of achievement is neither difficult nor hard.  In fact, those terms really are not relevant.  Life just “is what it is” at the moment.  That being said, I spend most of my time in coaching sessions assisting my clients in addressing the clutter or obstacles in their belief system.   “Hard” does not exist.  We create “hard”.

So, if we can create “hard” then we can create “easy” largely using the same skill set.  The fact is that we are all great storytellers.   Unfortunately, we use this incredible ability to concoct a dialogue to set limits on ourselves for no good reason.  Additionally, we are inclined in this world to tell stories that point us in a direction of struggle and pain.  In fact, this negative thinking pattern is profoundly supported by our family, friends and co-workers as it is a prevailing and accepted thought form in our community.  As a life coach, I teach and train my clients to intervene in their self-limiting beliefs using simple, easy to use tools.

In short, a natural path is created when:

  • A person has an understanding of who they are (self-discovery with ongoing progression) and where they want to go (vision),
  • Is willing to address the roadblocks in their thought patterns in such a way as they are removed and
  • Will take committed action towards their dream.

When the road I am travelling no longer has obstacles then it is just easier to move quickly down that highway.  This is a natural path.