“[Henny] was funny but he was wrong. One study has shown that those who were happy as college freshmen had higher salaries sixteen years later (when they were in their mid-thirties  without an initial wealth advantage.” (quote from Lyuobomirsky/ Study by Diener, 2002)

Your happiness makes a difference to you on so many levels It sustains marriages and boosts joy, contentment, love, pride in what we do, our immune system, engagement with work-people and our own “cotton pickin'” mental health.”  Happiness helps us be more confident with higher self-esteem.  If we grow in our happiness it not only benefits ourselves but partners, families and community.

From a host of studies…Happiness causes an increase in productivity by 31%, productivity in Sales by 37% and physician productivity by 19%.  You are worth the investment in your own happiness on all levels.