“Two prime ministers are sitting in a room solving the world’s issues when suddenly a man bursts into the room shouting, ranting and raving with great anger.  The resident prime Minister admonishes him to remember Rule #6.  As suddenly as he came in the office his fury resides.  He is calm, apologizes and makes his exit from the room.  The dignitaries return to their conversation when 30 minutes later a woman breaks the calm once again with wild, hysterical and dramatic arguments and gestures.  The Prime Minster once again addresses her with the words, “Remember Rule #6.”  She immediately gains control of herself and withdraws from the room quietly and apologetically.  This scene just moments later is repeated by another staff member who is admonished once again, “Rule #6, please.”  The visiting head of state remarked, “You must tell me…what is rule #6.  I don’t think I have ever witnessed anything quite like this.  “It’s rather simple, actually.  Rule #6 is…Don’t take yourself so blasted seriously.”  The visiting prime minister replied. “That is, indeed, a very good rule.  May I inquire…what are the other rules?”  The resident leader smiled, “There are no other rules.”