Imagine for a moment that there are only two tribes of people in the world.  They are the Kumbayas and the “GitterDuns”.    The Kumbayas are all into emotional tranquility, the “feel good”, the mountain top experience, the dreams and the wishes.  The Gitterduns are all about…well… setting a goal and “git’ner done”.  They are striving, pressing on, checking off a task and moving to the next one.  Both nations want to be joyful but both seem to be missing something of value.   What is it?

I am reading a book by a family of Gitterduns called, “We’re The Best at…Whatever”.  The tag line reads, “Our Formula Guarantees Success”.    According to them they are the world’s #1 team, achieve more, accomplish it faster, build stronger leaders, are the experts, provide 300+ tools that are easy to use and have plenty of testimonials to prove it.  Why wouldn’t you sign up for that plan?  I interviewed a former member of this program who described it like this.  “It was great to begin with and exciting to set the goals and accomplish them.  But, I just felt like a sprinter all of the time.  How can you keep that pace up?  If I was not achieving “it” fast enough it was not because of the formulaic guide to success.  It was because I was not using the “easy to use” tools properly.  The best sprinters in the world stop after 100 meters…right?”

I’m listening to a CD from the Kumbayas.  I love listening to it ‘cause…it “makes me” feel good…while I listen.  It’s entitled, “Chill-Lax…You’ll Feel Better”.  Several weeks after a Kumbaya seminar some attendees express, “they are a great experience except for one thing…there’s no plan for when you come down from the mountain.  There’s no real answer for ‘how do you carry peace and tranquility with you throughout the day.’”

Rumor has it that Gitterduns have been seen attending Kubaya seminars and listening to their CDs.  Plus, Kumbayas have been reported masquerading as Gitterduns.  All of which is highly controversial.

Nonetheless and once again, what’s missing?  There is no right and wrong answer here but your input and wisdom is wanted.

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A Comment on Life Coaching

Are you considering a life coach?  Perhaps, you are past consideration and actually thinking about life coach certification.  Well, whether you want a life coach in Birmingham, Alabama or Australia or Canada or the UK…we would be glad to talk to you about being a life coach.  Personally, my introduction to life coaching came through a family crisis.  It moved my wife and me to take committed action for our child but also for us.  Frankly, we believed we were saving a child but it turned out that we were saving ourselves…and a child.

Everyone seeks to conquer what challenges their life in some fashion.  You may address your pain or limiting beliefs with determination to change by planning a new strategy, asking a friend for support or seeking power from the divine.  Perhaps, you are tired of being so tactically aggressive about your personal development and are seeking a new attitude through meditation or relaxation.  Whether you are looking for more money, wealth or are going through a career transition…don’t give up.  You can be happy, successful and build the life of your dreams.

Can you acknowledge that you may need help?  My training allows me to coach people from all backgrounds.   If you would like to talk more, please comment on this site and register for a FREE coaching session.