From Team Development and Performance (1)

 How do you lead good teams to become great?
 How do you know if your organization is most effectively using teams?
 How can you accentuate individual strengths in order to build strong team dynamics?
 Where do teams find their vision and how can they keep that vision?

These are complex, multilayered questions that hit at overarching elements of the way individuals work and organizations function.
But in order to answer them, there are ground-level aspects of team performance that must first be addressed.

Part 2
These foundational team aspects boil down to two key elements:

1. Who (really) are the people on your team? We’re not talking about their positions or job descriptions or even team roles—although these things are important. To truly understand a team one must understand the inherent and demonstrated qualities that make up each person on the team:

a. How your team members work
b. How they act
c. How they think, ideate and solve problems
d. How they communicate and interact with each other

2. What is the overall team makeup and dynamic? Again, this isn’t position or hierarchically related—it’s the overall fit of each team

Team Development and Performance: Strengths Based Team Audit (3)