There are many variations on this theme but these words describe a path.  Passion- Design-Action-Transformation.  A friend of mine describes it as “Purpose, Plan then Product”.  In a more general sense it may be summarized as “Be. Do. Have.”  Regardless of the language, there’s a pattern in creating a path that leads to success.  Perhaps, we should add another “first” word and call it contemplation as nothing has ever been created that was not first contemplated.  I’ll include that idea in my 4 words under “passion”.

What fires you up?  What makes you feel like you are “doing what you are supposed to be doing”?  What is your passion?  I am constantly talking to people who are engaged in life occupations that they hate.  They can articulate why they have such strong distaste for their vocation but they do not take action to make a change.  There’s no surprise why they feel stuck.  I know what some of you are thinking.  “Well, you have to do what puts food on the table.”  I agree.  Is it possible that what puts food on the table and what you love could be the same thing?  It’s worth exploring.  Take 2 minutes (longer if you need it) right now and write down what you would love to do professionally.  Don’t debate the issue internally.  Just write down whatever comes to mind.  If you want to change it later you can.  You are making up the rules.

What is the next step you could take to accomplishing this dream?  Better yet…what could you do in the next 10 minutes to take one step in that direction?  What am I talking about here?  I am saying make a plan or come up with a design that gets you moving towards your dream today.  Maybe all you need to do is begin researching a new career.  I have a client who has been “stuck” in a dead end career for years and loathes showing up for work.  Her first step was to begin researching a career path for which she has always had interest.  The mere step in that direction has created extraordinary energy.  Our calls have gone from “anxiety” to excitement very quickly.  Frankly, she is not sure she wants to pursue this path as a career now that she has researched the topic and talked with several professionals in the field.  That’s OK.  We call that progress.

As you can see, action follows design rather naturally.  Design is where people most often find themselves stuck.  “How to” or design seldom is the problem.  Put a plan together that is as smart as you can make it.  Even if it is not a good plan you can tweak it and change it down the road as needed.  Notice that as soon as a design is in place, action items around it come pretty easily.  Think about the career path you named above.  Put 3 steps down for your plan to engage this idea.  Makes sure the first one can be started as soon as you finish this article.  Now…just do it.

Notice something beginning to transact inside of you.  Is their fear and internal dialogue that is stopping you?  A life coach can help you get over these unique and personal roadblocks quickly.  Register for a FREE Coaching session and give me a chance to “prove it”.  Is there some excitement beginning to stir?  Are you asking yourself, “Do I really want to do this”?  These feelings and questions both “good and bad” mean this process is beginning to making you uncomfortable.  It is beginning to intervene in thought patterns that keep you firmly entrenched in the ordinary.  These are the very early stages of transformation.  These are the very early signs of change.  The process begs the question where we began…what do you want to create for your life?  Enjoy.

Thoughts on Christian Life Coaching

Are you considering a life coach?  Perhaps, you are past consideration and actually thinking about life coach certification.  Well, whether you want a life coach in Birmingham, Alabama or Australia or Canada or the UK…we would be glad to talk to you about being a life coach.  Personally, my introduction to life coaching came through a family crisis.  It moved my wife and me to take committed action for our child but also for us.  Frankly, we believed we were saving a child but it turned out that we were saving ourselves…and a child.

Everyone seeks to conquer what challenges their life in some fashion.  You may address your pain or limiting beliefs with determination to change by planning a new strategy, asking a friend for support or seeking power from the divine.  Perhaps, you are tired of being so tactically aggressive about your personal development and are seeking a new attitude through meditation or relaxation.  Whether you are looking for more money, wealth or are going through a career transition…don’t give up.  You can be happy, successful and build the life of your dreams.

Can you acknowledge that you may need help?  My training allows me to coach people from all backgrounds.   If you would like to talk more, please comment on this site and register for a FREE coaching session.