Myths of Happiness (part 2)

“I would be happy if ________________.”  At least that is the thought.  Some times we remember when we were truly happy and think that the only way to recapture that feeling is to recapture the exact same set of circumstances.  The fact is, there may be some circumstances that are “recapturable”.  Many are happier every time they go to the beach.  You can, as an example, plan a trip to the beach and perhaps find more happiness or positive mood on that trip. However, what if the truth is…happiness is already inside you and the beach just enabled you to access it.  For a number of you, just looking at this little penguin dancing improves your mood.  What’s up with that?

The truth is that we can build our happiness.  We can take intentional action that helps happiness show up in our lives with greater consistency and for no good reason.  That’s right.  We can be happier, more often and have it invade our lives disconnected from an award, achievement, falling in love, making good grades, a pay increase or any other life circumstance.  I love it when happiness sneaks up on me and catches me off guard.  I love it when I am happy and cannot explain why.  “The reality is that the elements that determined our happiness in the past, and can make for future happiness, are with us right now and are here to be taken advantage of”, says psychologist, Sonja Lyubomirsky.   Research affirms that no matter how stunning and positive a life circumstance may be, it actually has little effect on our sustained well-being.

To make the point…watch and listen to the video below for 3 minutes. (after the advertisement is over)  Consider afterwards if you noticed any improved or happier mood.  If you do (and most of you will) and you want to “build” on this experience, then do this every day for the next 21 days. For more information, register below the video.