Rule #6 Revisited
From and Inspired by “The Art of Possibility

“Two prime ministers are sitting in a room solving the world’s issues when suddenly a man bursts into the room shouting, ranting and raving with great anger.  The resident prime Minister admonishes him to remember Rule #6.  As suddenly as he came in the office his fury resides.  He is calm, apologizes and makes his exit from the room.  The dignitaries return to their conversation when 30 minutes later a woman breaks the calm once again with wild, hysterical and dramatic arguments and gestures.  The Prime Minster once again addresses her with the words, “Remember Rule #6.”  She immediately gains control of herself and withdraws from the room quietly and apologetically.  This scene just moments later is repeated by another staff member who is admonished once again, “Rule #6, please.”  The visiting head of state remarked, “You must tell me…what is rule #6.  I don’t think I have ever witnessed anything quite like this.  “It’s rather simple, actually.  Rule #6 is…Don’t take yourself so blasted seriously.”  The visiting prime minister replied. “That is, indeed, a very good rule.  May I inquire…what are the other rules?”  The resident leader smiled, “There are no other rules.”

So, how do you know you are taking yourself too seriously?  I have in my hand the TOP 10 Signs you are taking yourself too seriously:

10. You actually posed for your Facebook Profile picture

9.   You speak in the third person when describing yourself.  “The Joe Smith who broke those sales records in 2009…well… that Joe Smith is G-O-N-E (spelling it out) “gone”, if he doesn’t see a 10% increase in his base this year.”

8.   You’re still in front of the mirror

7.   You think Twitter Followers are your actual fans

6.  You are compelled to make unnecessary calls in front of strangers to impress them.  “That’s right, move Ralph to the 4pm slot and let betty know that jack is delayed .”

5.  You think your posts are changing the way the world communicates

4.  You feel compelled to let the co-workers know that you “just can’t hang out and shoot the bull the way you use to.”

3.  People you have just met tell you, “You are taking yourself too seriously”

2.  You sometimes think you are in your own little world

1.  Can’t remember the last time you laughed at yourself

OK, that’s enough picking on …us.  I have said for many years to many people, “lighten up.”  This has been great advice for me over the years, as well.  There is this part of us that is calculating non-stop trying to survive in the world of scarcity, trying to prove our value in the world…trying to find fulfillment.  I’ll keep it simple today and say… “lighten up.  Remember Rule #6”

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