Some of you have enjoyed the two “Kumbaya and Gittterdun” articles.  I’m glad.  The intent is to show to extreme positions of “how to be successful” and pose the question, “Is there middle ground?”  I believe there is a place for a successful life in which you do not have to be a “Type A personality”.   So, the next few articles in the “Kumbaya Gitterdun” Series will explore some alternative approaches to life.  There is power in getting clarity on strategies that may work for you and then acting tactically upon them.  Here is where we are headed:

  • Rule #6 (Already posted in earlier blogs.  Enjoy.)
  • Give Yourself an “A+”
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Make A Contribution
  • It Is What It Is
  • Leading from Behind
  • Passion. Design. Action. Transformation.
  • “Our” Success

Many of us have grown up with notions in our minds that tell us there is a “right way” to do something or there is a “best way” or there is the way it “should be done”.  But…is this true all of the time, most of the time, any of the time?  The tapes that run through our minds can paralyze us with inaction or frustrate us as we may not let ourselves enjoy the success we are achieving every day.    I am talking with a client last week who like many of Americans wants to lose some weight.  They made the comment that they did not know “how to”.  We “googled” weight loss and there were “about 333,000,000” right ways to shed the pounds.

There is no shortage of ways that work.   There never will be. Discerning your path is up to you but “how to” will not be an issue.  Notice in our list above that there is an article coming “Passion. Design.  Action.  Transformation.”  This discussion will address getting from where you are to where you want to go.  Specifically, as it applies to you…there will be no shortage of ways to accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams.

The reason “how to” is never the problem is that we are powerful creative people.  We will solve our problems in keeping with our value system if we give them attention.  We will make progress on everything on which we want to make progress.  There is a framework of Judeo-Christian values to which many ascribe.  Upon this incredible foundation are limitless ways for us to build the life we want.  Plus, we get to invent our lives and to “be made new” every day if we so choose.

So, enjoy this short series and the tools it provides.  Change your thoughts.  Change your life. Change your world. Believe.