Emergenetics played a big part in helping Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska position their management teams to work horizontally across the organization and communicate with their teams.

Emergenetics is a key element in creating synergy at all levelof the organization, from management to human resources to training. Through a strong training department, BCBS Nebraska has seen Emergenetics become an integral tool to reinforce a unified company culture geared toward a clear approach to organizational development—utilizing dialogue and teamwork to produce results that resonate at all levels.

In a communication realm, managers and employees alike at BCBS Nebraska have embraced the concrete self-awareness that Emergenetics brings and through this shared understanding can more effectively interact and work with one another.

“We have implemented Emergenetics with 90% of the management at BCBS Nebraska. It has been very valuable for managers to better understand themselves and be able to apply that understanding to their relationships with their teams.”
Don Kavalec, Vice President, Organizational Development, BCBSNebraska