With Kevin McDaniel (WindRiver Strategies) & Emergenetics, you get enhanced communication—our linkage between thinking and behavioral preferences means that communication is viewed in a complete manner that ties all modes of thought and learning styles. Understanding this element of communication creates a new way to look at interacting and communicating with others that is centered on utilizing a common language and finding ways to communicate that accentuate strengths andmeet individuals where they are most effective.

Via the Emergenetics Profile, organizations gain clear, understandable insights into their people about where communication issues are occurring, why they’re occurring and how to solve them.

Through Emergenetics workshops, participants develop an understanding of how each Emergenetics Attribute prefers to communicate and the bottom line ways that these differences show up. Emergenetics provides a platform to focus on a common language—and a roadmap for people to know why they prefer to communicate in certain ways and how to
leverage that to be more effective, productive and creative in their daily work.

With Emergenetics,you can experience interactive, thought-provoking communication applications, all geared to gain a contextual ability to view how others think and behave, appreciate different perspectives and build on others’ strengths to fill in gaps and create a more cohesive and productive environment.