As a profession, life coaching is quite new, but it is growing rapidly.  The demand for coaches is growing and so are those entering the field.  Why?  Many people are finding it very helpful and are gaining significant value by working with a skilled and relatable coach.  How do you make a great choice when deciding on a coach for yourself?  Here are a few questions and guidelines that might be helpful:

Like with most things talking to several life or business coaches is a good idea.  Look for someone with whom you connect and have rapport.  A good coach will start building this with you the first time you talk whether on the phone or in person.   Does the coach listen well?  Do you feel they clearly understand what you want to achieve?

Do they have a general approach they can explain to you?  There are many performance coach organizations that can set a particular set of achievement metrics that will get you from point A to point B.  However, would your particular coach be able to assist you in such a way that you arrive having enjoyed the journey?

Is the prospective coach offering you a free session so that you can get an idea of what it would be like working with them?  Ask for one.

How much experience does your coach have?   How long have they been coaching?  Do they have experience relevant to your business or career?  There are competent and incapable people in every industry and field.  Use your good judgment.  Does your coach come recommended by a friend or someone who has enjoyed the benefits of their abilities?   Being referred to a successful coach is a great approach to finding one.

Do they have a coaching code of ethics?  What are they?  Ask for a copy.

Have potential coaches describe what services they deliver and what the total cost of these services will be.  Many coaches ask for a commitment of 3-4 months or more, but you should be able to pay as you go without paying everything in advance.

Ready To Choose A Coach?

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