Based on response from the Kumbaya and Gitterdun’s article from yesterday, I thought I would post a job description from the Gitterduns that you might enjoy. Have fun with it.    Any resemblance to actual job offerings is purely coincidental.

“Job Posting

We are the largest and best provider of Gitterdun Sales and Services in the world.  We bring exceeding industry experience to our market place and only work with other exceedingly successful companies. Yes…we’re that good and we know it!

  • Be Part of the Winning Team.  Join our business and you will have the opportunity to work with other performance oriented, takin’ names, butt kickin’ professionals in an ever-changing, fast paced, out of breath environment.
  • Be Smarter and More Competitive.   Work smarter and a whole lot more than the other guys…just grind them into the ground.  As a result, you will go further, faster and the next 10 years will most likely be an absolute blur.


  • College Educated (multiple degrees and certifications preferred)
  • Driven, strong and superior motivation
  • Breakthrough knowledge, confidence and work ethic accompanied by some nervous tension, angst and the jitters
  • Unrivaled experience
  • Top 5% performer in everything


  • Sale and Service your everliving backside off
  • Network with everything that moves. If it breathes pounce on it.
  • Competitive salary and performance based incentives
  • Individual support and advocacy for the under-achievers which will include: Coaching, “the glare”, chastisement, censure and quite possibly some threats”

OK, I hope you are smiling even if this slightly resembles your organization or life.  Is there another way to live life without having to be the best at everything?  Can a good solid effort be rewarded or must we all be #1 in the world to feel good about ourselves?  Is making a solid contribution valuable even if it is not top 10%?  Is feeling good about my work effort necessarily conditioned on what my “boss” thinks?  We would love to hear your thoughts. Post them on this page below.

A Comment on Life Coaching

Are you considering a life coach?  Perhaps, you are past consideration and actually thinking about life coach certification.  Well, whether you want a life coach in Birmingham, Alabama or Australia or Canada or the UK…we would be glad to talk to you about being a life coach.  Personally, my introduction to life coaching came through a family crisis.  It moved my wife and me to take committed action for our child but also for us.  Frankly, we believed we were saving a child but it turned out that we were saving ourselves…and a child.

Everyone seeks to conquer what challenges their life in some fashion.  You may address your pain or limiting beliefs with determination to change by planning a new strategy, asking a friend for support or seeking power from the divine.  Perhaps, you are tired of being so tactically aggressive about your personal development and are seeking a new attitude through meditation or relaxation.  Whether you are looking for more money, wealth or are going through a career transition…don’t give up.  You can be happy, successful and build the life of your dreams.

Can you acknowledge that you may need help?  My training allows me to coach people from all backgrounds.   If you would like to talk more, please comment on this site and register for a FREE coaching session