Don’t be afraid of owning your distinctness.

by Geil Browning
This time of year, graduates everywhere are making the move from the institution of education to the great wide world. They’re starting businesses, joining existing ones, and embarking on careers in public service. It’s an exciting time when we all have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired.
I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of people through the years, specifically helping them find their place in the world. Each and every one of those people has imparted wisdom about life, leadership, and success to me that I could not have attained on my own.
Here are the best insights I’ve gathered over the years that I now share with the next generation of leaders–and everyone else seeking to find a place in life and business.
Take a good look at your selfie.
It’s the selfie generation, right? But who is that in the goofy picture you just posted? The most important question anybody can ask him- or herself is, “Who am I?” What’s important to you? At what do you excel? The more you’re able to focus on and work within your strengths and on what gives you energy, the happier and more successful you are likely to be.