by Geil Browning, Emergenetics

As a leader, focusing on your own productivity will only get you so far. You can’t reach audacious goals if you don’t harness the innate talent of your team.

So once you’ve taken the initial step to tailoring your own road to productivity, leadership means connecting with your team to drive actions that accomplish objectives. But how do you push your people without being too pushy?

Define goals and give your team a clear sense of direction by tapping into three key behavioral touch points: expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility.

1. Expressiveness: Communicate goals clearly.

  • Company goals can be set forth for everyone to hear at a large staff meeting, but it is also necessary to meet with people one on one for an introspective goal-setting level.
  • Communicate the vision and the process via different methods–some will need to talk it through, whereas others will simply take in the information before responding.
  • In brainstorming or problem-solving sessions, don’t put pressure on everyone to be creative or find the answer immediately. Whenever possible, accept suggestions or ideas after the meeting.

2. Assertiveness: Be collegial but with an edge.

  • Ensure a collegial atmosphere to help keep spirits high, but add in a competitive nature to drive others forward.
  • Not everyone will drive forward on goals aggressively, and that is OK.
  • Provide room for peacekeeping to ensure that goals can stay on a healthy, conflict-free track. Allow aggressive people to keep things moving quickly and forcefully.

3. Flexibility: Be focused but willing to adapt.

  • Prioritize goals to help people know when it’s OK to change focus to another project, but have a defined deadline to help keep the team focused.
  • Do goals need to stay on track? Rely on those who prefer defined situations to ensure it happens. Make sure their opinions are heard and appreciated.
  • Should goals be changed to reflect new information? Rely on those who welcome change to lead that charge. Create a platform to amplify their voices within the team.