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Coaching Sustainable Growth

Kevin McDaniel is the Chief Strategist with WindRiver Strategies, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Development firm delivering innovative strategies aligning leaders and culture with business morale and growth. WindRiver Strategies delivers a cost effective approach to organizational progress while building a “best place I’ve ever worked” environment. Our coaching approach is built on three platforms:

1) VOICE Based Coaching is an ontological approach which simply describes that all people bring great value to the world. There are many applications in coaching to understanding another’s VOICE. For example, a business leader’s goal would be to understand a person’s value, encourage it, develop it and place it in a “good fit” in their organization. A good fit typically inspires morale and as a consequence…productivity.

2) Emergenetics is psychometric assessment that identifies thinking and behavioral preferences empowering individuals to cultivate their own natural leadership style and skills. Emergenetics explains what it means to be human, why humans play together as they do and, therefore, gives us usable science to build high performing, low stress and high morale professional teams.

3) Choice Theory teaches that outside events never “make” us do anything. When people learn to apply the principles of Choice Theory, they more responsibly self-evaluate and choose behaviors that create increasing meaningful achievement in connection to their important people and inherent value.


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